Teaching and Outreach

Courses offered by Prof. Krishnan and administered by MSL lab.

SE/GE 310: Design of Structures and Mechanisms (Spring ’14, Spring ’15 and Fall ’18). This is a junior level design course where students are taught advanced mechanics-based modeling methods to design structures and linkage based moving parts. Latest syllabus here.

SE/GE 411: Introduction to Reliability (Fall ’14, Spring ’16, Spring ’17). A senior level course on introducing reliability from the basics of probability and statistics. Topics include probabilistic failure evaluation, time dependent reliability, system level reliability and simulation techniques. Latest syllabus here.

SE/GE 100: Introduction to ISE (Fall’ 15, Fall ’16, Fall ’17, Fall ’18). This course was developed to introduce the various research areas of the ISE department through four interactive project modules. Latest syllabus here.

SE/GE 598 (GK): Compliant Mechanism Design (Fall’ 13 and Fall’ 15, Spring ’18). Schedule for Fall’15 is online here.

SE 598 (GK-2): Introduction to Soft Robotics (pilot version Fall’ 17). This was an inaugural course aimed at packaging the latest research on soft robotics in a curriculum setting. Latest syllabus here.


Engineering Open House 2017/2018

Demonstration of Soft Robots.

WYSE Summer camps 2018: Explore Your Options (EYO) and Discover Engineering (DE)

MSL doctoral candidate Sreekalyan Patiballa and Prof. Krishnan conducted three summer camps introducing Industrial Engineering to high school students. The students programmed a line following robot and learnt the basics of programming a shortest path finder algorithm.

Outreach through SE 100

Outreach through ASME

Prof. Krishnan has been organizing the ASME Students Mechanism and Robot Design Competition from 2012 to 2016. The competition encourages students to design and prototype a functioning robot or mechanism and showcase them at the annual ASME IDETC.


Sometime in 2014: Bioinspired Design at Uni High