GE 598 Class Schedule



Fall 2015 Semester Topics Covered Material to be read before Class Slides
8/25/15 Introduction  Intro to Compliant Mechanisms  Lecture I
8/27/15 Elliptic Integration  A small activity on Euler-Bernoulli beam theory Lecture II, Cantilever derivation and Matlab Codes 
9/1/15 Beam Constraint Model  Deflection of a Cantilever Beam with an end moment Beam Constraint Model, Lecture Slides
9/3/15 Introduction to CMDT  Link Here Modeling different shapes and network of beams, virtual work, energy based methods and matrix methods  Lecture Slides
9/8/15 Introduction to CMDT 2  HW 1 posted  Review Last Class Lecture Notes  Lecture Slides, Additional reading material
9/10/15 Pseudo Rigid Body Analysis  Link-spring problem  Lecture Slides
9/15/15 Design of Compliant Mechanisms using PRBM Material on Pseudo Rigid Body Analysis
9/17/15  Material on Type and Number Synthesis  Lecture Slides
9/22/15 Examples of PRBM-based design  Lecture Slides
9/24/15 Calculus of Variations (CoV)  Lecture Slides
9/28/15 No Class
10/1/15 Calculus of Variations: Euler-Lagrange Equations  Review Preliminaries on CoV (Prof. Ananthasuresh’s notes from IISc)  Lecture Slides
10/6/15 CoV related to Structural Mechanics  HW 2 posted  Reading Material

Before Class Activity

Lecture Slides 
10/8/15 Topology Optimization: example Trusses  Solution for a stiffest bar E-L Conditions for a local constraint   Lecture Slides
10/13/15 Topology Optimization of Compliant Mechanisms  KKT Conditions, Sufficiency   Lecture Slides
10/15/15 No Class Structural Optimization: Haftka  Paper 2  Paper 3
10/20/15 Topology Optimization
10/22/15 Shape-Size Optimization
10/27/15  HW 3 posted  Paper on Distributed Compliance Metric  Slides
10/29/15 Nonlinear Springs  Slides
11/3/15 Single Point Synthesis  Paper on Compliance Characterization  Slides
11/5/15 Instant Center and Constraint-Based Design  Paper on Instant Centers  Slides
11/10/15 FACT I
11/12/15 FACT II  FactI, Fact II  Slides
11/19/15 Load Flow Method
12/1/15 Building block and Closure  HW 4 posted in the slides  Slides
12/8/15 Project Presentations