Lab director

Girish Krishnan, professor of industrial & enterprise systems engineering
         Prof. Girish Krishnan                   Associate Professor, ISE                                                               Affiliate Carle Illinois College of Medicine, Mechanical Sciences and Engineering, Center for Digital Agriculture, Center for Autonomy

Graduate Students

Nicholas Thompson, MechSe (co-advised with Prof.Hsiao-Wecksler) Ali AlBeladi, ECE (co-advised with Prof. Seth Hutchinson) Benjamin Walt, MechSe Evan Ripperger, MechSe


  • SreeShankar Satheeshbabu (PhD 2019, currently working in Johnson & Johnson inc).
  • Komanduri Ranganath Sudhams (MS 2018, currently working in VRMD inc )
  • Xiaotian Zhang (MS 2017, continuing PhD with Mattia Gazzola)
  • Gaurav Singh (MS 2016, PhD 2019, currently a Postdoc at Yale with Prof. Dollar)
  • Naveen Kumar Uppalapati (MS 2016, PhD 2020, Postdoc (2020-2022) currently working as Research Scientist,NCSA, UIUC)
  • Sree Kalyan Patiballa (PhD 2020, currently working as Assistant Professor, University of Alabama)
  • Benjamin Walt (MS, 2020, continuing PhD student)

Independent Study

Souvik Sen (M.S., Apple), Marc Abraldes Velasco (BS)

Undergraduate Research Assistants (from UIUC)

Daniel Grosser (B.S., Boeing), Lisa Crain (recipient of the ISE REU for Summer’ 14), Jared Spivy, John Shanley (currently MS in MechSE UIUC), Jacob Reese, Chen Zhang, Hugo Fiere (BS, currently in Cognizant Tech.), Ilyas Bankole-Hameed, Shashwat Gupta, Bingxu Li (recipient of the ISE REU for Summer ’17), Thomas Liu (recipient of the ISE REU for Summer’18), Chris Park, Ibadat Singh Chatha, Armeen Mahdian,  Yash Khaitan, Vollin Mathew Mammen (ISE REU, Summer 2021), Miguel Moreno, Charlie Rivera, Daniel Wang

Undergraduate Research Assistants (from outside UIUC)

Fernando Ayyala (San Jose State university, through CCEFP REU program for summer 2017), Richard Heath (Univ. of New Hampshire, through CCEFP REU, Summer 2018), Nicholas Hennigan (Milwaukee school of Engineering, CCEFP REU, Summer 2018)