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  • Congratulations to Sree Shankar Satheeshbabu for successfully defending his thesis titled “Surrogate Models for the Design and Control of Soft Systems”. Sree ¬†will be working for ABB inc. Congrats Sree!
  • MSL members (Gaurav Singh, Sree Shankar, Naveen Uppalapati and Nick Thompson) present three papers in ICRA 2019, Montreal, QC, Canada
  • MSL presents one paper in IEEE RoboSoft Conference in Seoul, Korea.
  • We excited to collaborate with Dr. Abraham Kocheril towards integrating soft actuators in heart simulators through the JUMP ARCHES award.


  • We are excited to be collaborating with Prof. Girish Chowdhary, Prof. Mattial Gazzola, and Prof. Sarah Taylor Lovell towards a USDA-NIFA funded project “Mutipurpose Dexterous and Continuum Arms for Compact Agbots”.
  • Senior design team advised by Prof. Krishnan awarded BRONZE by the Lincoln Arc Welding foundation.
  • MSL member Nick Thompson presents a paper at ICRA 2018.
  • Gaurav Singh participated in the inaugural IEEE RoboSoft conference in Liverno Italy:¬† by presenting a paper and taking part in the Soft Robotics Manipulation Competition, where our group won the 3rd place.
  • Sreekalyan Patiballa selected for the Mavis Future Faculty fellowship.
  • MSL wins awards at CSL robotics demonstration event.


  • Sreekalyan Patiballa and Prof. Krishnan win the Freudenstien Young Investigator Award in the ASME IDETC 2017.
  • Prof. Krishnan organizes the Ashok Midha symposium on Compliant Mechanisms at the 2017 ASME IDETC.
  • Prof. Krishnan gives an invited talk at the General Motors R&D.
  • Monolithic Systems Lab wins third place in the ISE department’s Mottier Systems Innovation Challenge.
  • Gaurav Singh and Chenzhang Xiao win best poster in the Chittenden Symposium.


  • Prof. Krishnan and Prof. Elizabeth Hsiao-Wecksler get funded by the CCEFP-NFPA to build small scale exoskeleton project.
  • Prof. Krishnan co-organizes the Ashok Midha Symposium on Compliant Mechanisms at the ASME IDETC 2016.
  • Prof. Krishnan delivers a lecture in the Kinematics Summer School at the ASME IDETC 2016.
  • Prof. Krishnan is awarded the College of Engineering award for Excellence in Advising for 2016.
  • Profs. Hsiao-Wecksler and Krishnan’s research on soft orthoses sleeve featured in Fluid Power Magazine.
  • Prof. Krishnan is nominated in the list of teachers ranked excellent by the students for SE/GE 598(GK): Design of Bioinspired Compliant Systems.



  • Prof. Krishnan’s research featured in a Scientific American Article written by Prof. Sridhar Kota.
  • We are excited to collaborate with Prof. Elizabeth Hsiao Wecksler on a soft robotic sleeve project funded by the CCEFP.

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